7 Insightful Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Ever wondered about cars driving on their own? Robots that converse like humans? Smartphones that recognize its users and operate? Well, these are not something illusory or a Sci-fi story! Today, we can find the most advanced technologies around us, which have been playing an imperative role in making our lives better than ever before. Across all these technological advancements and innovations, if we drop down a list of some of the most effective technologies discovered so far, then we will find Artificial Intelligence, among the most useful technologies ever discovered. Today, AI holds great significance across all the applicable areas, and here we will be witnessing the seven insightful facts about Artificial Intelligence, that will surely leave you amazed. In addition to this, here, we will be talking about some of the best AI companies in India to work with!

What is AI and How is it important for us?

In the most general terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be defined as one of the most important branches of computer science that evolve around developing human-like intelligence in the machines. It thereby makes the machines act exactly like humans in all the perspectives and further involves inhibiting intelligence parameters like:-

  • Thinking
  • Planning
  • Case-Based Reasoning
  • Today, AI has entered almost all the sectors, be it healthcare, automobile, education, or gaming, which has further cited the need for seeking AI services from some of the best AI companies in India. Artificial Intelligence has further given us better ways to accomplish things and optimize the existing processes in a reliable manner. Considering this, here we have cited the seven most important facts about AI, which will leave you amazed:-

    Healthcare Industry is one of the biggest embracers of AI

    Do you know, the Healthcare Industry is one of the biggest embracers of AI technology? Well Yes! It is further going through significant transformations as the medical services become more profound and effective. In addition to this, Artificial intelligence services are being employed for keeping a track record of all the medical inventories, maintaining patients’ health track records, and conducting predictive healthcare monitoring.

    AI helps in predicting the buying patterns of users

    Do you know, the global fashion industry which is valued worth 3 trillion, has been contributing almost 2 percent in the global GDP? Further, popular fashion brands, Tommy Hilfiger and H&M are among the first that has been employing Artificial Intelligence for understanding patterns. Further, AI is being employed for predicting the buying patterns of users worldwide and accordingly predict fashion trends.

    AI makes Games more Intelligent and Responsive

    Do you know there are over 2.2 billion gamers in the world and all of them look for something that keeps them connected with their favorite games! Reverting to which, game developers have been emphasizing more enhancing the playing experience of gamers, and to frame this out, they have been employing AI. It is due to the fact that AI has been making the games far more intelligent, responsive, and inhibiting adaptive behaviors in the gaming characters.

    AI improves the learning Aptitude of the learners

    If you are one of those who wonders what AI is to do with the education industry, then you would be astonished to know that the application of AI in the education sector is expected to grow worth 6 Billion USD by 2024 (Source: Global Market Insights, 2019). Further, the application of AI can be seen clearly across the educational institutions, which has been employing AI technology to improve student learning as well as automating the tasks for instructors. It is further being used to set the question papers based upon the learning aptitude of the students and this is the reason why the demand for availing Artificial Intelligence services from the AI companies in India.

    Manufacturing Sector is one of the biggest adaptors of AI

    If we talk about the biggest adaptors of AI next to the Healthcare Industry, then, it’s the manufacturing sector. It is regarded as one of the biggest and the most influential sectors where AI is employed to facilitate preventative maintenance, automate the manufacturing processes, establish an efficient working culture, and offer great quality. Thereby, realizing the immense potential of AI in the manufacturing sector, more and more manufacturers are approaching AI companies in India for AI services.

    AI facilitates accurate forecasting in Retail Sector

    Do you know the retail and e-commerce industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of all time? Well, AI-based solutions that are useful in dealing with heavy volumes of customer information, managing inventories, monitoring market sales, and conducting research-based forecasting and predictions are finding great applications across the retail and eCommerce sector.

    AI assists in tracking suspicious activities and identifying frauds

    Another interesting fact about AI is associated with tracking suspicious activities and identifying frauds! Today, the majority of the leading banks and financial institutions have been employing AI solutions for analyzing the transaction patterns and adding an additional security layer across all its processes.

    Where to find the best AI-based Solutions?

    Since everything is getting connected with the help of the internet, thereby, every business is aspiring to gain a competitive edge over the others. Amidst this, AI technology is emerging as a very important tool in simplifying the overall business processes, and eventually, a lookout for the best AI companies in India persists in every corner of the world. While there are some of the best AI companies in India, however, Clover IT services emerge as the top-notch brands that offer the best AI solutions in India.


    From automated driving to robotic arms, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market which is expected to hit the $15.7 trillion mark by the year 2030 is on the verge of becoming one of the biggest contributors to the global economy (Source: PwC AI Market Research). Today, AI which has got immense potential across all the sectors and regarded as one of the most effective technologies of all time is transforming the way we live, work, travel, and operate. Considering all these facts and figures, today the majority of the businesses regardless of their type and size have been seeking AI-based solutions for making their business even more resourceful and efficient. As a result, the demand for seeking AI solutions from some of the best AI companies in India has been rising to a point where we can estimate the growth in this sector.