How AI Impacts the Common Person’s life?

Since after cracking the Nazi encryption machine Enigma and assisting the Allied Forces to win World War II, English mathematician Alan Turing left the entire world with a very interesting question: “Can machines think?” And the answer to this very question is Yes! Machines can be trained well enough to think and make smart decisions with the help of the most promising technology of all times, Artificial Intelligence (AI). While most Sci-Fi movies portray AI as robots with human-like characteristics, but, AI has got a lot more areas of applications that impact our personal lives to multiple folds!

Taking this further, here, we will talk about the role of AI in our daily lives, and further, we will get to know more about some of the best AI companies in India to seek the AI services in India.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before we talk about how AI impacts our personal lives and what are some of the best AI companies in India, let’s understand the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in most general terms is the human-like intelligence demonstrated by the machines. Today, we can find AI across all the major spectrums, such as Self-driving cars, Biometrics, Chatbots, Assisted transportation, Voice assistance, and much more.

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Our lives?

Although most of the researchers agree to the fact that superintelligent AI cannot exhibit all the human emotions, such as love, fear, hate as good as humans, but if we talk about how it’s ingrained into our lives, then from choosing the right thing to wear to monitoring health, Artificial Intelligence has got great potential, about which we will be discussing here:-


As we know, seeking health services can be way too expensive, when the required treatment is not conducted on time! Thereby, it is very important to track the health problem in the early stages to escape from heavy treatment costs, and in this frame, embracing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare can prove out to be very beneficial. It can assist with maintaining patients’ health track records, maintaining the database of all the medical inventories, and predictive healthcare monitoring and better healthcare services.

Fashion and Retailing

If you are someone who finds it very difficult to decide what to buy and what not to buy, then, AI can assist you in understanding the most common buying patterns of users worldwide and accordingly let you predict the best suitable fashion trends. In addition to this, for those who are into a retail and e-commerce business, which today finds one of the greatest applications of AI, it can be used to deal with heavy volumes of customer information, manage inventory, manage market sales, and conduct research-based forecasting and predictions. This can be done by seeking assistance from some of the best mobile app developers in India, which offers the best eCommerce solutions.

Business Operations

For those, who are into a manufacturing business and remain worried about poor production, falling market sales, and lower customer engagement, AI can do miracles. AI-based services can be employed from some of the best AI companies in India that can automate the manufacturing processes, facilitate preventative maintenance, offer great quality, and establish an efficient working culture.

Learning and Education

If you are one of those who wonders what AI is to do with education, then you would be astonished to know that AI in the education sector is expected to grow worth 6 Billion USD by 2024 (Source: Global Market Insights, 2019). Educational institutions these days have been implementing AI technology to improve student learning as well as automating the tasks for instructors. AI is being widely used to set the question papers based upon the learning aptitude of the students and more and more educationists have been demanding AI services for making this sector more resourceful.

Gaming and Recreation activities

Next for those who are fond of playing computer games, that is actually a software application, and aspires to connect more with the gaming characters, AI can be a very effective technology. Artificial Intelligence in gaming can be used to generate responsive, intelligent, and adaptive behaviors in the gaming characters. Thereby, gamers find themselves more involved with gaming characters and in this frame, there are some of the best AI companies in India that have been making the games more intelligent.

Managing funds and transactions

Next, we usually manage, transact, and transfer funds on a daily basis, which are sometimes way too risky. These days identity theft and fraud loss cases are quite common, especially in online transaction cases. However, in this frame to add an additional security layer across the entire transaction process, AI technology can be used, which makes it possible to track suspicious activities and identify frauds by analyzing the transaction patterns and alert the user about it.

Where to find the best AI services in India?

Since AI is not something that is confined to one or two areas, it has more applications across different sectors and it altogether makes a positive impact on our lives. For those, who have been looking for the best AI services in India, then there are some of the best AI companies in India like Clover IT services, who offer the best AI-based mobile app development services and software development services for all the business domains


All in all, it may be inferred that AI is the revolutionary technology that holds great potential across all the major spectrums of our lives. It besides making our lives more resourceful and meaningful opens a door full of opportunities for a wide range of businesses. Further, if we talk about the future aspects of AI, then, in the coming years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analytics will work hand-in-hand and will make significant changes in education, health, public safety, and security. So, why wait till then? Let’s embrace the best of AI across all possible domains that we have been experiencing today with the help of some of the best AI companies in India.