Accelerate Business Growth Post COVID-19 with these 5 Technologies

Before COVID-19, where every business organization was rushing to boost its market sales, grow its empire, and compete against other similar brands, it has now consolidated its business goals to survive in the Business world! So, what are the factors that made the organizations consolidate their business goals to merely survival? What circumstances enforced some of the businesses to go for a complete shutdown? Well, reasons can be many, some may say they were not prepared for such situations and others may say they failed to manage their business operations remotely. But, it may all be due to the fact that the existing businesses have been running on obsolete and outdated systems, which are not capable to work well even during situations like Coronavirus.

Considering all these aspects, here we will be talking about the five best technologies that today’s businesses must employ for making their business more efficient and durable. In addition to this, we will be talking about some of the best technology consultants in India, who can assist with the best technology one must employ for achieving the desired results.

Present Scenario

Considering the present scenario, countries like India have been recovering from past hits, whereby 71.31 percent of businesses faced issues like reduced cash inflows, project cancellations, delayed projects, and much more! Fortunately, now India has been recovering from this phase and observing reduced cases of project delays, cancellations, and poor cash inflows (Source: Economic Times Report, 2020). However, things have exceptionally changed now, businesses are now focusing on reducing the operational costs, like employing low-cost marketing techniques, like digital marketing, and facilitating remote working due to enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs. Amidst this, the demand for seeking technology consulting services in India has grown significantly, which we will be discussing in the following sections.

What are the five technologies to be employed by the present Businesses?

Uncertain events like COVID-19 can occur at any point of time, thereby for the businesses that have been focusing on aligning their present business operations with market conditions, there are the following five important technologies that can be considered for sustaining business growth post-COVID-19:-

Cloud Computing

One of the most dreadful events ever happened in history is evidently the COVID -19 outbreak, which completely changed the way we live and work. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, where “Work from Home” has become a common practice, Cloud Technology has been playing an important role (Source: Business Insider Report on Changing Workplace Culture, 2020). Not only confined to this year, but cloud technology will also find more applications in the long-term. Therefore, it is recommended to seek assistance from some of the best Cloud technology service providers in India, and rest assured with the future consequences.

Augmented Reality

Across all the businesses, the one which has been adversely affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic is the travel business. It besides observing a significant fall in the customers and cash inflows also turned out to be affected on a very long-term basis. It is thereby important to invest in technologies like Augmented Reality that promises user engagement and reduced operational cost. Thus, by seeking AR app development services in India, travel businesses, and others can enhance the user experience, boost user engagement, and restore profitability post-COVID-19 crisis.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been becoming an increasingly popular topic over the past several years. It holds great potential to change the way we live and the way we interact with the things around us. With an objective to connect every device to the internet, it aims to streamline the processes across all the segments and help people live a more comfortable life. Likewise, you might have heard and even used smart voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and others, which would obey your orders and get it done! Thereby, Post-COVID-19, businesses can seek IoT consulting services in India and understand how IoT can impact their business.

Artificial Intelligence

No matter which industry we have been talking about, Artificial Intelligence has always remained the most pronounced technologies of all time. Post-COVID-19, one can consider seeking Artificial Intelligence Services from some of the best AI service providers in India and make their existing business smarter, efficient, and future-ready. Further, one can find some of the best applications of Artificial intelligence in healthcare, Banking, finance and would find it revolutionizing Voice Assistants and other intelligent devices.

Blockchain Technology

Many of you would have heard about the world’s first digital currency Bitcoin and most of you would surely have invested in that too. But, have you ever wondered, what’s the technology behind its functionality and outreach? Well, it’s the blockchain technology that has given birth to bitcoin. This technology besides making the transaction processes faster and efficient by eliminating the middlemen from the transactions also proved its applicability beyond bitcoin, there are a number of sectors that have been influenced by this technology, like Gaming, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. Thereby, it’s recommended to seek assistance from one of the best technology consultants in India, Clover IT services for complete assistance regarding this technology.


All in all, the year 2020 which started with many dreadful events, like COVID-19 being the most annoying across all, would hopefully see a better implementation of technologies for the betterment of mankind. In the coming years, we would observe more reliance on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain Technology, which would altogether improve the overall business efficiency, operational efficiency, and make the entire process more streamlined. Additionally, there are some of the best technology consultants in India, who can assist the businesses in aligning their existing business strategies with the best technologies that are ideally suitable for them and that would ensure that one gets their business secured from the consequences of COVID 1-19. Furthermore, fastest-growing economies like India would still observe more innovations and would become one of the fastest adaptors of the latest technologies.

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