Latest UI/UX Design Trends for 2021

If we talk about what technology has brought us, then, it would turn out to be a very long list with no end! Likewise, it has given us amazing devices like tablets, smartwatches, laptop, and voice assistant devices. With these devices, we can do cool things like click a picture, book a cab, make an online purchase, transfer money, and a lot more things can be accomplished. But, do you know how do the end-users interact with these technology products? How do they use these tech products so fluently? Well, it’s all due to the interface that bridges the gap between the end-users and the tech-products and we call this interface the “User Interface” (UI)!

Further, the way this interface makes it easier for the end-users to interact with the tech products is called the “User Experience” (UX), and taking this further here we will be talking about the UI/UX design trends of India. In addition to this, we will be talking about modern UI designs for the year 2021 and further!

How UX different from UI Development?

Many people think that UX and UI are the same things! But, actually, these two are different technologies and are complementary to one another. UX focuses on the overall experience of the users with the web application or website and the User Experience (UX) Development is the process of improving the overall experience of users who are accessing websites and web applications. It primarily focuses on the structuring and the wireframing of the web application, to make sure that the user has a hassle-free experience while interacting with the interface. On the other hand, UI (User Interface) is all about improving the interaction of the user with the mobile or web application. The web/mobile screen, buttons, web/mobile app page, and the other elements that one sees while using the web or mobile application is called the User Interface (UI) of that application.

What are the vital components of UI/UX Design?

Before we talk about the latest UI/UX design trends of India, let’s check out the important components of the UI/UX design, which are as follows:-

  • Usability-It primarily focuses on user-friendliness, the navigation rate, and the functionality of the interface.
  • Wireframing-It involves creating multiple sample applications that are used for testing purposes. It is made sure that the web application solves the overall purpose.
  • Visual Design-It is about making sure that the overall appearance of the website and the application is appealing and interesting.
  • Interaction Design-It is about creating the conceptual design via which the user interacts with the interface such as the color, images, fonts, graphics, sound, and images.
  • Information Architecture-It focuses on presenting the information from the website and the application in such a form that the users find it easy to reciprocate and accordingly react to it in an easy and efficient way.
  • Why do we need UI and UX Design?

    Everything that is alive, serves a unique purpose! In a similar sense, the existence of UI and UX designs serves a very unique purpose, which makes it worthwhile to seek UI/UX design services in India. The UI/UX design improves customer satisfaction and overall user experience, thereby, more users are retained, and even more, users are added over the platform.

    Since there are a number of websites and mobile applications featuring the same product or service, so it is very important to make sure that users prefer yours! For this, you need to avail the UI/UX design services, which helps in leaving a long-term impression in front of the users and help them understand your offered products and services from the very core. So far, we talked about what is UI, but, there still remains a big question that might be popping up in most of the minds, why do we need UI design? Well, there are a number of reasons that point to the need to focus on UI. Across all the reasons, there are some major reasons that make it a necessity for businesses, who want to establish a good relationship with their customers.

    Boosts Usability

    A good UI can improve the overall usability of the web application, by making it easier for the users to navigate and manage it.

    Improves User Interactions

    Since UI is all about enhancing the way the user feels while using a web application, therefore, a good UI can be beneficial in improving user interaction.

    Helps One Generate leads

    Since a good UI makes your web application easier to understand and navigate, it will thereby make it easy for the users to understand your business offerings more precisely. Therefore, you will get more business leads.

    What are the latest UI/UX design trends in India?

    No need for a password

    Since forgetting a password is a common problem and in order to solve this, now we have more options for login into our accounts over different platforms! Likewise, one of the most trending UI/UX design trends of India is “ face authentication” and “fingerprint authentication”.

    Dark Theme

    Ever since the user started demanding more customization for their products and services, the UX designers in India introduced the dark theme for the users that caused less eye strain on the users and helped them to interact with the interface more conveniently.

    Creative Writing

    As the users are more likely to check the availability of a hotel room, instead of booking a room, when planning their visit to a certain place, thereby, instead of putting it as “Book a Room”, some of the best UX designers in India recommends it to be put as “Check Availability”, which is further expected to improve the overall customer engagement by 17 percent. This is thereby one of the most trending UI/UX design trends of India.


    All in all, if you have been wishing to stand out among millions of mobile apps and websites, then you surely need to make an interesting move and follow the above stated modern UI designs and hereby, there are some of the best UI/UX design services that can be perceived in India from some of the best UX designers in India. To name a few, Clover IT Services offers the best UI/UX design services in India and helps businesses to understand and follow the latest UI/UX design trends of India.

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