Mobile Apps Vs. Web Apps: 5 Differences that You Should Know

If you are someone who considers the native mobile apps and web apps as the same thing, then, you might be astonished to know that these two differ not only with regards to their development, but also differs with regards to the development and application! While mobile apps are exclusively to find some space in your mobile device and these are based on the device configuration, on the other hand, web apps are meant to function well over all the devices and do not occupy any space over the device. However, individually these two apps have their own significance, and taking this further, here we will be drawing a contrast between the mobile apps and web apps, discussing the top five differences between the two!

In addition to this, we will be talking about some of the best mobile app developers in India, and along with this, we will be talking about some of the best web app development companies in India.


In regards to, what do we mean by mobile app and web app, then the mobile application is computer software or a computer program that is used to accomplish a certain purpose and runs over a wide range of mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet, or a smartwatch, which eventually runs on an Operating Platform that can be Android, iOS or windows. Likewise, for those who have been looking for Mobile app development companies in India, then there are some of the best mobile app developers in India.

In contrast to this, a web application which although has the same user interface as the mobile app, but, the difference is that it can be accessed from a web browser over any device. It thereby occupies no physical space over the user device, which makes it faster, convenient, and economical for the users. This is why there remains is always a demand for web app development companies, from places like India, which is having some of the best web app developers in India.


Another parameter that helps in drawing a difference between mobile apps and web apps is the significance of these, with reference to the present market conditions. Likewise, consider a situation where you have been running a great organization, with some of the best minds in the industry, but, your customers do not know how to interact with you and how to look out for the product or service? Surely, this would affect your business severely as in spite of having the potential to make it a big success, it is not appearing convenient for the users and thereby they might not be able to find any resourceful medium like a mobile application to interact with. Hereby, having a mobile app for businesses becomes very important and similarly, for the users who are looking for greater convenience, web apps can do up the things. For those, who have been looking for web app development services in India, there are some of the best web app development companies in India from which one can make a choice.


Considering the present scenario, where everyone looks for something that is more convenient, faster, and user-friendly, web and mobile app developers have introduced a large number of applications. Likewise, we have On-demand mobile applications that assist with on-demand services like online meal ordering apps and others; then we have Hybrid Apps that have the same UI when accessed via mobile app or website, then there are platform-based apps like Android App and iOS apps. Besides these, the m-commerce application is in demand, and accordingly, there is a substantial rise in web applications like eCommerce web solutions. In addition to this, if we talk about the scenario in India, then there are some of the best web app development companies in India.

Business Importance

It would be unfair to state, which among the web app and mobile application is better, as both hold significance in their own frame. Likewise, native mobile apps can be very helpful in accelerating the growth of businesses, by letting the business professionals update the users about the latest offers via the app platform. On the other hand, web apps offer users a greater level of convenience, when they have been using the web application, as now they are able to avail the business offerings and services, simply via the internet browser.


With reference to the feasibility of mobile apps and web apps, then, the mobile apps cost more in comparison to the web apps, as the mobile developers have to develop mobile apps compatible with each of the platforms. However, this is not the case with web apps, as the developers have to write a single code, which would run over all the platforms.


All in all, both mobile apps and web apps have their own significance. Likewise, if we talk about the pros of using native mobile apps, then the users can access some of the features of the app, even when there is no internet connection. One can scroll over all the products and the services that one is offering, access the details, and follow up more conveniently using the native mobile apps. The native mobile apps contain information in a concise and well-presented form, which looks more appealing and easy-to-understand. Furthermore, unlike traditional marketing, native mobile apps make it possible for business professionals to update users about the latest offers directly over the app interface, which improves their serviceability and brand value. Other than the pros, there are some cons of mobile applications, like one needs to free up some space for the application over the device and the application performance is also dependent upon device capabilities. Unlike mobile applications, where the users are required to keep some space for the application over their device, users can access all the features without any requirement for installing an application over their device. Overall, both have their own significance and if you have been looking for it from India, then, there are some of the best >Mobile app development companies in India and great web application developers in India.