Top 5 Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2021

For those business professionals, who have been eagerly waiting for the year 2020 to come to an end and enter the fresh new year 2021 with new aspirations, new hopes, and endeavors, let us tell you about what could the year 2021, bring you! Well, it may give you plenty of opportunities to achieve your business goals, but at the same time, it would also test you over multiple grounds, and hereby, what you are expected to do is that follow the right technique and the right guidance! Amidst this, there are certain technologies that one can pick to be successful and achieve their business goals.

Taking this discussion ahead, here, we will be talking about the top five emerging technologies to watch in 2021 and some of the best technology consultants in India to work with, for achieving the desired results.

What are the technologies to perceive in 2021?

Today, the primary concern of every industry is customer engagement, more market sales, higher competitive advantage, better brand visibility, and happier customers. But eventually, all of this cannot be achieved by employing traditional methods and outdated technologies. It can rather be achieved by employing the best technologies and here are the five powerful technologies which one should perceive in the year 2021, as recommended by some of the best technology consultants in India.

Cloud Computing

Since we all know that the COVID-19 outbreak is one of the most dreadful events ever happened in history, which completely changed the way we live and work. Amidst this, “Work from Home” has become a common practice, and hereby, the demand for availing Cloud Computing Services from some of the best Cloud Computing Companies in India has observed a significant growth among the businesses across different domains. Further, if we talk about how this area would grow in the upcoming years, then, in 2021, it will find more applications across Online Streaming Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

Augmented reality

If we talk about the present scenario, whereby people are spending more time over the web for doing the preliminary search about the product or service that are likely to buy or avail, there exists an utmost requirement for working over the presentation part, if one really wants to achieve the business sales! Hereby, by availing Augmented Reality Development Services in India, one can, not only create an immersive shopping experience for the customers but also help them get complete details about the products with a single tap. Considering this scenario, in the year 2021, we can find the AR technology finding more applications across different domains.

Internet of Things

Ever wondered, how interesting it would be if the physical devices surrounding us, would be able to communicate with one another and get the assigned task done together? Well, it may sound interesting, but at the same time, it might appear fancy! But, it’s not a fictional story, this concept defined as the Internet of Things (IoT) is now of the top five emerging technologies to be watchful in 2021. It not only holds great potential to change the way we live and the way we interact with the things around us but also opens up a new space of possibilities, whereby, we will be observing further growth in the demand for availing IoT consulting services in India.

Artificial Intelligence

No matter which industry we have been talking about, Artificial Intelligence has always remained the most pronounced technologies of all time. As we observed this year, AI has made voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, and Google Alexa, even more, powerful and intelligent than ever before, which justifies that in the upcoming years, we will be observing more growth in this area, and accordingly, there will be significant growth in the demand for seeking Artificial Intelligence services from some of the best Artificial Intelligence Companies in India. Further, if we talk about the areas where we will be observing more growth in its applications, then, there are Banking, finance, healthcare, gaming, retail, and others.

Blockchain Technology

Many of you would have heard about the world’s first digital currency Bitcoin and some of you would surely have invested in that too. But, have you ever wondered, what’s the technology behind its functionality and outreach? Well, it’s none other than the blockchain technology that has given birth to Bitcoin and defined itself as one of the emerging technologies to watch in 2021. Furthermore, it is not at all confined to merely bitcoin, there are a number of sectors that have been influenced by Blockchain technology, like Gaming, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Where to find the Best Technolgy Consultants in India?

Now since you have got to know about the top five emerging technologies, you might be wondering, where would you find the best technology consultants in India? Well, there are some of the best technology companies in India, Clover IT Services, is one such company, where you will be finding the best technical assistance and guidance, that would help you make your business even more resourceful, efficient and productive in the upcoming years.


All in all, the year 2020 which started with many dreadful events, like COVID-19 being the most critical across all, definitely would have left you awestruck and you might be wondering what could the year 2021 bring you! Well, none of us can make any predictions for the year 2021, without effective planning, which can be both defined for our personal and professional lives. Likewise, if we talk about our professional lives, then by employing the right technique, we would surely get positive results! Hereby, technologies like artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Blockchain Technology have been defined for improving the overall working efficiency of businesses across different domains and there are some of the best technology consulting companies in India, which offers great assistance to those who are confused about which technologies they must invest in!

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