Top 5 options for the best CRM software

Gone are those days, when you need to solely focus on driving the market sales, it’s time to nourish the relationships with the customers, and offer the best after services to them! But, have you ever thought about how one could keep a track of all its customers and identify the potential customers who are most likely to become their regular customers? Well, it might seem quite difficult to even think about it and hereby, there are some of the best CRM software that exists in the market to resolve all the issues that one may encounter while establishing their relationships with their customers. In addition to this, this context will talk about the best CRM software for small business, which falls among the top 5 CRM software in the market.

What is CRM and Why it is Important?

Before we talk about the best CRM software for small business, let’s understand what do we exactly understand by the CRM software! Well, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a framework that helps the organizations to foster the relationship with the customers, suppliers, and service users, by analyzing different sets of data such as customer’s reactions over different social media pages, emails, texts, phone calls, and live chat.

Now, if you have been wondering why CRM is important for your business, then, think about the factors that are responsible for making your business successful! Likewise, some of you would say fulfilling targets, offering competitive services to the customers, engaging a multi-talented workforce, but is it confined till here? Well yes, you missed one thing and it’s about conversations with the people, to understand all issues that they have been facing in their daily lives! Talking to them, about how your business can help them sustain their lives in a better way and seek regular feedback from them! Thereby, one thing is quite clear, communicating with the customers more often, addressing their concerns, and tracking the progress is very important for sustaining success in business. Hereby, CRM software makes this entire process a bit more streamlined and makes it easier for the businesses to understand the market trend, customer expectations, and accordingly make the necessary improvements in the business policies to make it a long-term success.

How does CRM software work?

So, far we talked about what do we exactly mean by CRM and its importance, but, have you ever thought about how does CRM software works? What are the most common features that make CRM software worthwhile? Well, a CRM Software, which integrates user data from multiple sources into a single database, identifies the user source and preferences, and thereby generate business leads and manage opportunities. Further, in regards to the common features that are ingrained in the top 10 CRM software, then, a CRM software comes loaded with features like Lead Management, Quotation Management, Opportunity Management, and others.

While these features are quite common in the top 10 CRM software, but, there are some of the best CRM software development companies in India, which offers customization across a different set of CRM features.

What are the top five CRM Software?

Quite often it happens that, we keep working over achieving the production target and building a business team, but, in the meantime, we have no idea how many customers we have lost. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system keeps a track of the total number of customers that one is having, customer retention rate, and newly added customers, and much more. Now, in regards to what are some of the best CRM software for small business, then, there is the following list of CRM software, which are ideally suitable for you!

Hubspot – Best free CRM software

For the users who are strict on budget and still want to manage their market sales in an organized manner, then, Hubspot is the most preferred choice. It besides making a place among the top 10 CRM software, offers most of its features for free!

Salesforce – Best CRM software for versatility

Other than the users who are strict about the budget, there are many who looks for versatility and hereby, Salesforce leads all and emerges as one of the best CRM software that is meant to offer plenty of features to the users across different business domains!

Zoho CRM – Best for small to midsize businesses

Since every business may have a certain set of business requirements and based on their business size and customer base, they may look for customized features! Well, if you are among those, then Zoho CRM is regarded as the best for small to midsize businesses and falls among the top 10 CRM software.

Freshsales – Best CRM for sales teams

Since no sales mean no business, thereby, a sales team is required to be actively involved in defining a marketing plan that would help them get the most out of their customer base, and hereby, “Freshsales”, is regarded as one of the best CRM for the sales team.

Clover CRM – Best CRM for Small Business

No matter, whether you have a small business or a large one, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers, if you wish to run your business successfully over longer terms, and hereby, Clover CRM is regarded as the best one! Besides being regarded as the best CRM for small business, it is among the top 10 CRM software.


Since it is practically impossible for businesses of different domains and sizes to keep a track of all their customers without seeking any technical assistance, thereby employing CRM software is one of the most important things! Hereby, a CRM software lets one keep a track of all the customer information, record service issues, manage marketing campaigns, identify sales opportunities, and further, allows one to make the best out of the market sales! In regards to this, there are some of the best CRM software development companies in India, which offers the best CRM software for small business.

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